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In 1979, residents of the city of Balcarce, interpreting the wishes of Juan Manuel Fangio to gather in a museum the trophies, cars and presents accumulated in their sporting life, promote the formation of a work commission to realize that aspiration. On October 26 of that year, the "Pro-Museum of Motorsport Juan Manuel Fangio" was created under the city hall orbit.

Convinced of the importance of the elements contributed and of the enormous potential that meant to have the help of Mr. Fangio both to organize the show, and to invite businessmen and friends, to work to raise the possible funds and thus specify the work, they chose for the future headquarters of the Museum, an old building of the year 1906, in which the Municipality and the Deliberative Council of the County had functioned, remaining closed and in a deplorable state of conservation, but occupying a lot of significant proportions, implanted in the southern corner of the central square of the town, and of a community history that justified the effort of recovering it as architectural patrimony of the city.

Being aware of what was proposed by the Pro-museum Commission, the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires gave the impulse to it, contributing the first monies that made possible the bidding and the beginning of the work. This contribution, close to 18% of the cost, was extended with spontaneous donations from important national and international companies, people adhering to the project, contributions from Juan Manuel Fangio himself and was completed with various activities organized by the Commission, which he achieved, after incessant work, present to the world on November 22, 1986, the Technological-Cultural Center and Museum of Motorsport Juan Manuel Fangio.

The renewed building and the exhibits in it, caused in the visitors and in the world journalism the critics that located it as the most important museum of motorsport of South America and the best dedicated to a single driver.

At the end of its purpose, the Pro-Museum Commission is dissolved, created at the request of Messrs. Juan Manuel Fangio and Juan Manuel Bordeu, the Juan Manuel Fangio Automobile Museum Foundation, an entity that in the future and until today administers and governs the destinies of the magnificent Museum, which transcending perhaps the objectives of the beginning, has become a real attraction pole for national tourism and all those who love the history of motorsports and admirers of the most outstanding in this sport, the five times world champion of Formula 1 drivers, Mr. Juan Manuel Fangio.

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