Five times world champion

The beginning

  • The Beginning

    The grandparents of Juan Manuel, come from the Province of Chietti, in Abruzzo, Italy. Loreto Fangio's parents were from the village of Castiglione Messer Marino. About 50 km away, in Tornarece, where the parents of Herminia Déramo lived. These families did not know each other.

    In 1887 the grandfather Giuseppe Fangio, came to Argentina, settling in the area of Laguna de los Padres, very close to Balcarce, to exploit montes de curro, a bush of thick branches and make with them charcoal.

    Three years later, with the money collected, he acquired a 10-hectare villa a few kilometers from Balcarce, on Provincial Route 55 and brought his family from Italy, composed of his son Loreto, 7 years old, Francisca and Francisco. After Alfonso is born.

    At 10 years of age, Loreto is taken to Tres Arroyos by cart, for the harvest season. There he was away for 3 years from his family. He dedicated himself to the most diverse tasks: Caretaker of horses that pulled the carts, also in the potato plantation. When he turned 19 he was tempted to return to Italy to do military service and start a family, when he met 17-year-old Herminia Déramo. On October 24, 1903, they were married and the first times in the field were established. When he got a job as a laborer from Albañil, with a loan he bought about 2500 square meters of land, on 13th street between 6 and 8 in the city of Balcarce, where he built a room to live with his wife.

    In the street 13 Nro. 321, the young Loreto already frontier, was expanding his house as his children were born. Herminia, José, and Celia were the first children that arrived, cheering the lives of the Fangio.

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