Five times world champion

Second Part 1937-1942

  • 1937

    On March 21 he participates in an unofficial race at the circuit of "La Chata" in Balcarce with a Buick 8 cylinders that Oscar Rezusta lent him. He is accompanied by José Duffard. When they start, he keep the gear lever in her hand. With a fixed screwdriver he change to third gear and thus runs. Crash the car laterally against a sewer and must leave.

  • 1938

    He makes his official debut as a pilot on March 27 at the Necochea circuit with a Ford V8 engine '38, mounted on a '34 'chassis, red color that he acquires with the support of several friends. He is third in the Second Series after scoring the fifth time in Qualification. Long in the end in the final, but it is the classified seventh. Carlos Arzani wins with an Alfa Romeo 3800.

    In September, Fangio enrolls in the Olavarría race with his Ford V8 but does not participate.

    His first performance in Turismo Carretera as a companion of Luis Finocchietti, pilot of Balcarce, will take place from October 18 to 30. They do it with a Ford model 37 No. 28, in the Grand Prix Argentino de Carretera. They finish seventh and Fangio drives a large part of the race.

    On Sunday, November 13, he runs the "400 Km of Tres Arroyos" with his Ford V8, accompanied by Bianculli. It is suspended by a fatal accident classifying the first four laps of competition, remaining eighth.

  • 1939

    Participate in the "Forest Circuit". It is the last race with the Ford V8 in his hands and he is accompanied by Héctor Tieri, a mechanic from his workshop.

    On October 19 at the Argentine Grand Prix, he debuted as a pilot in the TC with Tieri. The black 1939 Chevrolet coupe is purchased with the support of many Balcarce people, in collections made by their friends.

    Twenty-second finishes in Concordia in the middle of mud and rain, which interrupt the Grand Prix. It resumes from Córdoba with the name of Extraordinary Grand Prize and soon it is ahead of all the official team Chevrolet. He achieved his first triumph in the competition, winning the Fourth Stage from Catamarca to San Juan. There he is first in the General Classification of the race, but then an accident delays him to fifth place.

  • 1940

    While the workshop continues to grow, at the beginning of the year its members buy another one of the corners located in del Valle and 14 crossing the avenue, where there was an old warehouse and its demolition is carried out by them. They work from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. in the morning, and then cross and attend the clients of the workshop.
    Fangio begins to think that sports motorsport can give a good name to the business if they can show the quality of the work. It begins to take shape which will eventually become a strong company, "Fangio, Duffard y Cía.". Juan's younger brother, Rubén Renato, is added as enabled. That is how those years went by when everything was difficult. In October, after 9,500 km of competition in Argentina-Bolivia and Peru, he won his first race in Road Tourism. It is the Great International Prize of the North, Buenos Aires-Lima-Buenos Aires, being accompanied by H. Tieri. The 1940 Chevrolet green color No. 26 was purchased with the product of a raffle in which the car was the 1st Prize. With the money earned in that race he buys it definitively and of the remaining part, he gives half to society to free it from interest. It is classified Argentine TC Champion and is the first for history with Chevrolet. The duel begins with Oscar Gálvez in the TC. Chevrolet vs. Ford - Fangio vs. Galvez

  • 1941

    He is consecrated for the second time, Argentine Champion of TC. In the National Coffee of Corrientes street, Anselmo Aieta premieres the Tango "Fangio".

  • 1942

    On January 21, the GP of the South is over. Expires in the Second and the Last Stage. Finishes tenth in the General Classification. On April 2 wins the Sea and Sierras, always with the green 1940 Chevrolet coupe.

    Mechanical activity is suspended in April by the Second World War.

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