Five times world champion

Fourth Part 1950-1958

  • 1950

    On April 10 he wins the Pau GP with Maserati 4CLT / 48. One week later on April 16, he wins the GP of San Remo with Alfa Romeo 158.

    Signing Contract and debuted on the official Alfa Romeo team with Farina and Fagioli, competing in the first F1 World Championship.

    On May 21 in Monaco, he achieved his first storied victory. On June 11 he runs in F2 and wins in the Circuit des Remparts de Anguleme with Maserati 4CLT / 48.

    Return to F1 by winning the Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps on June 18, in Reims on July 2, the GP des Nations in Geneva on July 30 and the GP in Pescara on August 15. He is the WORLD CHAMPION SUB behind Farina.

    He returns to Argentina where he disputes and wins the GP Ciudad de Paraná on November 12 and on December 18 the GP President Alessandri Palma in Chile, both with Ferrari 125. His last presentation of the year is December 24, triumphing in the 500 Argentine Miles in Rafaela with Talbot-Lago.

    Achieves 11 victories this year in the different competitions in which he participated.

    On October 27th at the Ocean Cinema premiered "FANGIO, DEMONIO DE LAS PISTAS", an Argentine film with a long film produced by Armando Bó and directed by Román Viñoly Barreto.

    Of the Association of Flyers of Chile receives a gold medal in "TRIBUTE TO ITS PERFORMANCE IN EUROPE".

  • 1951

    It begins its second season for the World Championship with Alfa Romeo 159, winning the Swiss Grand Prix in Bern on May 27, the European Grand Prix in Reims on July 1, and the Spanish Grand Prix on October 28 in the Circuito de Pedralbes of Barcelona. There he conquers his FIRST WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PILOTS.

    On September 2, in a non-punchable race, he won the F1 Grand Prix of Bari.

  • 1952

    On January 13 the GP of Interlagos wins and on February 3 the GP "Quinta da Boa Vista" both in Brazil. In February he is designated Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

    In Argentina, the President Perón Prize wins on March 9 and the Eva Perón Prize on March 16. In Uruguay, he disputes and triumphs in two races run at the Piriápolis Circuit on March 23 and 30. All competitions with Ferrari 125.

    After running in Ireland on June 7 with BRM, he must travel to Italy to play a competition in Monza on the 8th with a Maserati. Much of the journey is made in a car traveling alone and arriving hours before the start. On the third turn, he suffers a serious accident on the Lesmo curve. He must stay in the hospital for almost four months.

    The great world of motor racing considered it finished and many moved away from the World Champion.

  • 1953

    On July 12 with Maserati A6GCM wins a mountain climb in the Vue des Alpes in Switzerland. Running Alfa Romeo 6C sport, wins on September 6 the GP Supercortemaggiore de Merano.

    Fangio integrating the Maserati team on September 13 achieved a spectacular victory over Farina and Ascari in the last corner at Monza. He is SUBCAMPEÓN DEL MUNDO behind Alberto Ascari.

    On November 19 wins in Mexico, the IV Pan American Race with Lancia D24.

  • 1954

    At the beginning of the season he runs two storied races with the Maserati 250F, winning the GP of the Argentine Republic on January 17 and the Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps on June 20. Signing Contract with Mercedes Benz.

    With the "Silver Arrow" W196 continues to add points for the World Championship, to debut winning in the French GP of Reims on July 4 and continue with the European Grand Prix at the Nürburgring on August 1, the Swiss Grand Prix at Bern on August 22 and the Italian GP in Monza on September 5.

    With Mercedes Benz W196 gets its SECOND WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PILOTS.

    He is distinguished as "SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR". He receives the First Olympia from the Association of Sports Journalists of the Argentine Republic.

  • 1955

    Once again integrates the Mercedes Benz team now with partner Stirling Moss, with the silver W196. He wins on January 16 at the GP of the Argentine Republic, on June 5 at the Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps, on June 19 the Dutch GP at Zandvoort and on September 11 at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza. Win the THIRD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PILOTS, always with Mercedes Benz W196.

    Outside the championship his other triumphs are, on January 30 at the GP City of Buenos Aires with MB W196 in the free Formula category, on May 29 at the Eiffel Prize of the Nürburgring and on August 7 at the Swedish GP in Kristianstad both in Sport with MB 300 SLR and finally on November 6 in the Caracas GP Caracas with Maserati 300 S.

    It is distinguished with the "TAZIO NUVOLARI AWARD" honor of Italian journalism to the best steering wheel, delivered unanimously in the city of Mantua, the cradle of the pre-war Italian ace. The prize consists of a gold turtle, a reproduction of the emblem with which the pilot painted on the bonnet of his racing machines.

  • 1956

    When the Mercedes Benz team withdrew from F1, Fangio signed for Ferrari.

    Their triumphs for the World Championship were: on January 22 at the GP of the Argentine Republic, on July 14 at the GP of England at the Silverstone circuit and on August 5 at the German GP at the Nürburgring circuit all with Lancia-Ferrari D50 and achieves its FOURTH WORLD PILOT TITLE in the last race at the Italian GP at the Monza circuit on September 2, when it qualifies second with the Peter Collins car.

    His other triumphs outside the F1 Championship were, on February 5 at the GP City of Buenos Aires with Lancia-Ferrari D50, on March 24-25 at the 12 Hours of Sebring with Ferrari Monza 860 and on April 15 at the Syracuse GP with Lancia-Ferrari D50.

    The book "THE LIFE STORY OF FANGIO" is published, by Federico B. Kirus and Roland Hansen, printed in English and French.

    The Argentine Association of Flyers of Rosario gives him the most voluminous trophy he has received. It has its height and weight. The text is accompanied by four gold stars. It was not thought that he would repeat another Championship.

  • 1957

    Signing Contract with Maserati to run the 250F model and winning four Prix races for the F1 World Championship, on January 13 the Argentine Republic GP, on May 19 the Monaco GP, on July 7 the French GP in Rouen -Les-Esasrts and on August 4 the German GP at Nürburging when he beats the Ferrari team with Collins and Hawthorn in a spectacular race. He achieves his FIFTH CHAMPION TITLE OF THE WORLD OF PILOTS.

    The remaining triumphs outside the F1 world championship are on January 27 at the GP City of Buenos Aires with Maserati 250F, on February 25 at the GP of Cuba, Havana with Maserati 300S, on March 23 at the 12 Hours of Sebring with Maserati 450S, on June 9 at the Portuguese GP in Lisbon with Maserati 300S and finally the double victory in Brazil with Maserati 300S, on December 1 at Interlagos and on December 8 at Boa Vista.

    It is distinguished twice, in the month of October with the "TROPHY TO THE DRIVER OF THE YEAR", granted by the Guild of Chronicles of British Motoring and delivered by the Duke of Richmond and Gordon. In November as "MASTER OF THE NÜRBURGRING" ("Ring Meister"), with Diamond Star, title and trophy that is given to the pilot who has won three times-54,56,57- consecutively (not 1955), at the Nürburgring circuit. On that occasion, he is declared HONOR OF HONOR by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Teodor Heuss, who gives him the distinctions.

    The Mercedes Benz gives you a 300SL roadster in metallic blue for your birthday.

  • 1958

    On February 3 he won his last race, the GP City of Buenos Aires and on July 6 he decided to retire at the Reims circuit while driving his Maserati 250F. There he had debuted 10 years before.

    That year he was kidnapped in Cuba by the Group "26 de Julio" not being able to run the GP of Cuba with a Maserati 450S and he can not run in Indianapolis due to discrepancies in his team to put his car in condition, although he does dispute the Copa Dos Mundos in Monza with a Dean Van Lines Sp.

    He is decorated "OFFICIAL OF THE ORDER TO THE MERIT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC" in the degree of Commander, granted on November 11 by the President of the Italian Republic, Giovanni Gronchi.

    Distinguished in two opportunities: "TO THE MOST EXCEPTIONAL SPORTS HAZAÑA IN THE WORLD", an annual prize of the French Academy of Sports, which is offered by its President, the Marquis of Creque-Monfort.

    Premieres "TRIBUTE TO FANGIO", a non-commercial film of 20 minutes, produced by British Petroleum, a compilation of film news and scenes of Fangio in action at the circuit of Modena and Villa de Como.

    From the hands of Louis Chirón, the royalty of the world's motorsport, he gives him the trophy "THE GREATEST CHAMPION OF ALL TIMES" that bears the signature of some of his adversaries. Others dedicate it "TO THE MASTER".

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