Five times world champion

Fifth Part 1959-1984

  • 1959

    After his retirement, he is distinguished as "HONORARY PRESIDENT" of the Automobile Sports Commission of the Argentine Republic.

  • 1960

    Making an exhibition in Sarmiento Park of Córdoba with the Maserati 2500 of Ettore Chimeri (s / n2528) chassis that Fangio had used in the 1957 season and Chimeri had acquired a short time ago, suffers a runway exit, touches a cord and the auto rises in the air without consequences. Prior to the GP of Buenos Aires, on February 13 he toured with Porsche de Masten Gregory, performing better times than the North American.

  • 1962

    He is President of Honneur of the "Club International des Anciens Piles of Grand Prix F1" and its founder, together with Ives Giraud - Cabantous, Louis Chiron, Gianfranco Comotti, Toulo de Graffenried, Albert Divo, Nino Farina, Paul Frère and Robert Manzon.

  • 1968

    Collaborates with the ACA in the organization of the International Season of Formula 2 that takes place in Argentina, a task that will be a constant in the coming years.

  • 1969

    He heads the Argentina Mission in the 84 Hours of the Nürburgring for tourism cars where the Torinos of Argentine manufacture, perform a great job. He was the author of the project.

    He is decorated "OFFICIAL OF THE ORDER TO THE MERIT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC" in the degree of Grand Officer, granted on September 11 by the President of the Italian Republic, Guiseppe Saragat.

  • 1971

    Sufre un infarto en Buenos Aires y tras varios meses se repone.

    Se realiza la película "Fangio" dirigida por Hugh Hudson. 

  • 1972

    In his tribute, the racetrack "Juan M. Fangio" of the City of Balcarce is inaugurated, with an international test of Sport Prototipos.

    On October 17, his father Don Loreto Fangio passed away.

  • 1973

    He is named "ILLUSTRIOUS CITIZEN OF THE CITY OF BUENOS AIRES", together with Nobel Laureate Luis F. Leloir and the award-winning Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges.

    Participates in the "Race of Remembrance" held on October 17 at the Municipal Autodrome of the city of Buenos Aires with a 125 Fiat Saloon, along with the aces of his time, including his friend Oscar Alfredo Gálvez.

  • 1974

    In April, he is named President of Mercedes Benz Argentina.

  • 1975

    Participates on August 24, in a test of an exhibition in Dijon, France, on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Switzerland to the command of a Maserati 250 F.

    On September 13, his mother, Doña Herminia Déramo, dies.

  • 1976

    On March 27, he is invited to participate in a memory race at the Long Beach circuit (USA), with a Mercedes Benz W 196 R.

    It premieres "FANGIO", a long film produced by Count Giovanni Volpi di Misurata and Gualteiro Jacopetti and directed by Hugh Hudson. Shot in 1971 and 1973. It is released worldwide on June 12 in Buenos Aires, in the Normandie and Premier Cinemas. Duration: 90 min.

    He is decorated with the "ORDER TO THE MERIT OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY", in the rank of Commander, granted on June 24 by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Walter Scheel. The badges were delivered to him in Buenos Aires by Ambassador Jörg Kastl.

  • 1977

    El 13 y 14 de agosto, con motivo de conmemorarse el 50º aniversario del circuito de Nürburgring, participa en la Quinta Carrera Internacional de Coches Históricos de Carrera y Deportivos, denominada "Desfile del Recuerdo" con el Mercedes Benz W 196 R.

    El 23 de agosto en conmemoración del GP de Suiza, en Montreux, interviene en una demostración, con un Alfetta 159.


  • 1978

    Es invitado a otra exhibición en el circuito de Avus en Berlín, con un Mercedes-Benz W 196 R.

    En septiembre, con la misma máquina, participa en las Bodas de Oro del GP de Australia y luego en una prueba de regularidad con un Mercedes modelo 1921, llevando como acompañante-mecánico al entonces Primer Ministro de Australia, Malcolm Fraser.

    El 30 de setiembre, también con Mercedes, interviene en la exhibición organizada en el Circuito de Remparts, Angulema, Francia.

    Es condecorado "COMENDADOR DE LA ORDEN NACIONAL", otorgado el 24 de octubre por el Presidente de la Costa de Marfil, Félix Huphouet Boigny y siéndole entregadas las insignias, en Abidjan, de manos del Ministro de Estado Mathieu Ekra.

  • 1979

    On June 3, he takes part in the English circuit of Donington Park as part of an event organized by the "Gunnar Nilsson Foundation". He does it with a Mercedes-Benz W125, Grand Prix car of 1937

    He is the protagonist, on September 14, of another exhibition at the Oldtimer Rally in Salzburg, Austria, with a Mercedes 500 K.

    He is decorated "COMENDADOR DE GRACIA MAGISTRAL" of the Sovereign, Military, Hospitable Order of Saint George of Carincia (Dynastic-National Order of Imperial House of Absburgo)

    The magazine "El Gráfico" confers, in November, the trophy "JUAN MANUEL FANGIO, SYMBOL OF ARGENTINE SPORT".

  • 1980

    On the eve of the Brazilian GP on January 27, he is chosen "THE BEST AUTOMOTIVE OF ALL TIMES", a distinction granted by the International Racing Press Association (IRPA), after the vote taken among its members. The survey shows Fangio with 278 points, Jackie Stewart with 255 points, Jim Clark with 253 points, Stirling Moss with 99 points and Niki Lauda with 66 points.

    He is designated "MEMBER OF HONOR" of the International Automobile Sports Federation (FISA), on February 22.

    Participates on May 5 in the "Day of Tribute to Stirling Moss", with Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR, at the circuit of Brands Hatch, England.

    On August 31 participates in Spa-Francorchamps, in the commemoration of the GP of Belgium, with the same Mercedes.

    In October he is invited to an exhibition test in Birmingham, England, and runs again with the MB 300 SLR.

    On November 6, he receives the Konex Award for brilliant, awarded "THE GREATEST IN THE HISTORY OF ARGENTINE SPORTS".

  • 1981

    El 30 de mayo interviene en el Rally de Bruselas con un Mercedes 1921.

    En abril se licita y en agosto se inicia la obra del Museo en Balcarce por parte de la Comisión "Pro-Museo del Automovilismo Juan Manuel Fangio", bajo la presidencia del Ing. Luis Carlos Barragán e integrada por destacados vecinos.

    Son arquitectos de la obra -lapso 80/84- Eduardo Alvarez Manzaneda y Jorge Roberto Trivigno.

    El 4 de diciembre, luego de realizar una exhibición al comando de un Mercedes Benz 300 SLR, en Dubai, Emiratos Arabes Unidos, sufre una nueva indisposición cardíaca y es trasladado a Argentina.

  • 1982

    On December 8, he underwent a surgical intervention of the heart, where he underwent five by-pass, performed by Dr. René Favaloro at the Sanatorium Güemes.

    From the magazine Quatro Rodas of Brazil receives the trophy "O MELHOR PILOTO DE TODOS OS TEMPOS"

  • 1983

    With a Jaguar D is present at the tribute to Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Canada.

    On March 18, he delivers part of his trophies and some of his cars to the municipality of Balcarce to be destined for the future Museum.

    Travel in September to Galliate, for a tribute to the Varzi family, discover a plaque in front of the house where the Argentine Team "Aquiles Varzi" lived.

    Participates on November 25 in the "Grand Prize of Remembrance", the caravan made by the downtown of Buenos Aires and static exhibition at the Ferial de Palermo, to provide funds to the Board of Children and the Association of Aid to Children of the Province of Buenos Aires. He participated with a Chevrolet TC model 1940 of his property, copy of the car with which he won the North GP in 1940.

  • 1984

    Opens the inaugural commemorative parade of the new Nürburgring circuit aboard a Mercedes Benz Grand Prix of 1914.

    In the middle of the year, his sister Celia dies.

    On October 1, he receives the "MEDALLA DE VERMEIL" granted by the municipality of Paris.

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