Five times world champion

Sixth Part 1985-1995

  • 1985

    The works of the Fangio Museum of Balcarce that will contain the trophies achieved by the five-time World Champion and the cars he drove in his campaign are accelerated. Support is received from the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart - Germany. It is now its architect Antonio Eduardo Mandiola. Other companies like Philips Argentina. Isaura, Pirelli Cables, Goodyear, the Association of Producers of the Southeast of La Pcia, Santa Lucía Cristal, Sevel, Autolatina (Volkswagen-Ford), Marlboro, the Automobile Club Argentino and the contribution of their friends, under the title of adherents and donors which are fundamental for this last stage. The task of the members of the Pro Muse Commission is more and more valuable.

  • 1986

    El 17 de junio Fangio y Juan Manuel Bordeu crean la "Fundación Juan Manuel Fangio", que testimonia en Escritura Pública la Escribana Lidia de Benedetti.

    El 22 de noviembre se inaugura el Museo Fangio. La Comisión Pro-Museo hace entrega de la obra terminada a la Fundación de la que Juan Manuel Fangio es el Presidente Honorario y Juan Manuel Bordeu el primer Presidente del Consejo. La Fundación tiene como objeto principal, el preservar, mantener y acrecentar el patrimonio deportivo de Fangio.

    Entre otros rodean al campeón, los pilotos que fueron rivales, Luis Villoresi, Phil Hill, Jack Brabham, Tony Brooks, María Teresa de Filipis, Maurice Trintignant, José Froilán González, Caroll Shelby, Sergio Mantovani, entre otros. Se festeja en el Museo, en la Industria Crespi y en La Peregrina, establecimiento de campo de la familia Bordeu.


  • 1987

    In October, he is named "Honorary Lifetime President of Mercedes Benz Argentina", the only distinction granted in its history by the German factory, a post he will hold until his death.

  • 1989

    In September he receives the "Aguila de Buenos Aires" Prize awarded by the Order of Knights of San Martín de Tours.

  • 1990

    He is appointed President of the "Renault Foundation" and in Cordoba, leaders, journalists, and sportsmen linked to mechanical sport, pay him a great tribute at the Renault factory.

    To avoid ramming a truck mistakenly entered the track, he spins in one with a Mercedes Benz W 196 at an exhibition in Adelaide, Australia, on November 4, at the conclusion of the 500 F1 races.

    On November 21 Juan Manuel Bordeu dies. Fangio is really sorry for the unexpected loss of this loyal friend, who accompanied him since 1959.

  • 1991

    Manning an Alfetta 159, participates and wins an exhibition race in Monza over three laps.

    Fangio turns 80 years old. In April he is invited to the USA. In Pebble Beach, the Elegance Contest is held in his tribute. At the track of Laguna Seca, he is seen with his Mercedes Benz Silver Arrow and in boxes, with the presentation of Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, and Talbot among other vintage machines and an innumerable amount of souvenirs under his name. Until then, it is an annual custom, to present a brand of cars in Laguna Seca. By Fangio, they carry out the first tribute to a pilot.

    The Foundation exhibits part of the Museum at the Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires.

    In August, the Pirelli-Mercedes Benz Book is presented by Stirling Moss at a Gala dinner at the Dorchester Hotel in London. There is an emotional tribute at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart with the presence of managers, friends and old and young pilots. Receives from Max Gerrit von Pein, a replica of the first car, a Daimler 1886.

    Another presentation of the Pirelli-Mercedes Benz book is made in Milan.

    A party is celebrated in Buenos Aires organized by the companies Mercedes Benz and Pirelli.

    It meets the town of Balcarce in a spectacular paella for 1,500 people.

    He is distinguished as "THE SYMBOLIST SYMBOL OF ARGENTINA" by the Circle of Sports Journalists.

  • 1992

    You undergo surgery to remove a benign tumor in the kidneys. They begin their kidney problems that get worse over the months.

    He meets with Ayrton Senna in Buenos Aires in the occasion of an event of the sponsoring company of the Brazilian pilot. This meeting reflected the mutual affection they felt for each other.

    He is named Professor "Honoris Causa" of the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero in Argentina.

  • 1993

    On May 29, the Chief of the General Staff of the Argentine Army, gives him the "ORDER TO THE DISTINGUISHED SERVICES, TO THE CIVIL MERIT IN THE DEGREE OF COMENDADOR".

    On the Island of Serdenia he participates in a historic F1 race with the Alfetta 159, along with aces from his time. It will be the last time Juan Manuel Fangio drives a race car. He travels to Stuttgart and must be hospitalized for a few days before returning to the country.

    On December 29, he must be admitted to the Mater Dei Clinic in the Federal Capital because of hypercalcemia in his blood. He had already been doing three weekly dialysis sessions.

  • 1994

    At the beginning of the year, after retiring from the Clinic, she practically rested in her house in Palermo Viejo and will no longer attend her work at Mercedes-Benz de Avda. Del Libertador. He moves away before the regret of President Axel Arent, of the directors Ricardo Berthold and Enrique Federico. Also from the rest of the staff and from his efficient secretary Ricardo Ross. He also leaves his usual assistance to Automotores Fangio of Av.Montes de Oca.

    He is always surrounded by friends. At their request, Stirling Moss arrives in Argentina to see him alive for the last time.

  • 1995

    His health is deteriorating more and more, always assisted and in the company of his closest relatives, his niece Ruth Fangio, his political nephew Roland Verdier and his wife Dolly. It is briefly hospitalized under the watchful eye of the highest officials of Mercedes Benz Argentina. On June 24 he shares with his family and friends the last reunion on the occasion of his birthday. On July 15, a flu-like state that results in pneumonia forces him to be admitted to the Mater Dei Clinic with serious respiratory problems. Fangio dies on Monday July 17 at 4:10 hs. in the morning surrounded by affection. His remains were guarded by an honor guard and veiled in the White Room of the House of Government, in the Automobile Club Argentino and the next day in the Balcarce Museum. His remains are taken to the Family Cemetery of the cemetery of his hometown, along with his deceased parents and brothers, as was his wish. This happens on the afternoon of July 18 in the middle of a heartbroken crowd. For the final goodbye, Mr. Werner Lechner speaks in front of the pantheon for the Daimler-Benz Company of Stuttgart - Germany and Mr. Luis Barragán for the Juan Manuel Fangio Foundation.

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