Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Volpi - Chevrolet "La Petiza" - 1947


La Petiza

Cylinders: 6 online
Displacement: 3.857 cc
Diameter: 90 mm
Stroke: 100 mm
Power: 100 hp at 3,600 rpm
Speed ​​/ max .: 200 km / h


Sports history

08-17-47       Grand Prix City of Montevideo, Uruguay | 1st

08-17-47       Grand Prix City of Montevideo, Uruguay | Ab.

09-20-47       Grand Prix Spring, Mar del Plata | 1st

09-21-47       Grand Prix Spring, Mar del Plata | 5th

03-21-48       Autumn Prix, Circuit of Palermo | 1st

03-28-48       100 Miles from Necochea, Necochea | 1st

05-02-48       Gran Premio Ciudad de Mercedes, Uruguay | 1st

06-02-49       Grand Prix Jean P. Wimille, Circuit of Palermo | 1st

03-20-49       GP "Fraile Muerto", Bell Ville (Córdoba) | 1st


The Balcarce driver said goodbye to the Argentine public with a magnificent triumph in the National Mechanical test held on March 20 in the city of Bell Ville, Córdoba. The Prix "Fraile Muerto" was conquered, in its 1949 edition, by the famous flyer, who already has the suitcases ready to travel to Europe where he will face the "aces" of that continent. Good luck!

The "Fraile Muerto" Prix had a brilliant winner in Juan Manuel Fangio who, aboard his Volpi-Chevrolet, passed with great skill the qualified flyers that showed up for this year's race. A great amount of public surrounded the mountain circuit like a sample of the alive interest that was between the fans by this race. In the start were J. M. Fangio, P. Gulle, J. Solá, E. Barbalarga, O. Juchet, J. Fantó, and D. Cataudella among others.

At the starting signal, he poked in Punta Gulle, followed closely by Fangio, and Juchet, González, and Fantó lined up behind him in a tight platoon. Gulle was harassed by the Balcarceño who did not lose his footsteps, provoking an exciting duel that made the audience go wild. The race is defined when Gulle under the pressure of Fangio "passes" in a curve and gives the lead to the balcarceño. From then on Fangio was a comfortable pointer receiving the checkered flag surrounded by the hubbub of his followers and the general public who came to congratulate the winner and wish him luck on his next trip to the old continent.

After a race in Mendoza Fangio decides to change to "La Negrita". Acquire the Volpi that had a Rickenbacker engine. The car was christened "La Petisa" and debuted with little success on July 13, 1947, in Bell Ville. Fangio decides to place a Chevrolet engine with which he achieves a brilliant victory in Uruguay. From then on Fangio and his Volpi-Chevrolet reaped victories in almost all their presentations in the National Mechanics during the years '47 and '49, always under the preparation and attention of Rubén "Toto" Fangio.


It was one of the most difficult and tragic races that Fangio won. Shortly before he had managed to win in the Tour of Pringles aboard his Chevrolet '39. That weekend in March was announced with dark clouds.

The Grand Prix "Autumn", circuit the international circuit of Palermo, is played under heavy rain. On Saturday Fangio wins the Free Force test with his Volpi-Chevrolet, defeating Pablo Pessati with his Alfa Romeo 8C with Alfa-Marino engine.

In the final, they compete for the two categories together, Fuerza Limitada and Libre, with the best of the national motorsport of that moment: Pián, Hortal, and Solá, among others.

Under a closed curtain of water, Juan Manuel Fangio shows his remarkable conditions. It expires without attenuating in the complicated capital outline. But the victory has a bitter taste, his friend and rival, Pessatti, has an accident and dies to crash into a tree. The passion had paid a new tribute.


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