Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Ford "A" 1930 - Ialea


Ford A Ialea

December 13, 1936
Race: "Circuito de González Chaves" - Province of Buenos Aires
Category: 4 and 6 cylinder cars up to 1930 models
Auto: Ford "A" 1930 gray color
Number 9
Performance: 3rd in his series. He could not participate in the final


Engine: Ford - Standard

Displacement: 3200 cc

Power: 48 HP at 2400 rpm

Maximum speed: 118 Km / h


On Sunday, December 13, 1936, Fangio races at Gonzalez Chaves, a 13,700-meter dirt track and 20 laps to go, giving a total of 274 kilometers.

He does it with a Ford "A" 1930 that is owned by Leonardo Ialea, a Balcarceño who at the end of the 40s had a good performance in our country in the National Mechanical category, Limited Force, as well as some TC interventions.

Fangio ran with the No. 9. in the newspaper "El Liberal" Balcarce, Tuesday 15 - two days after the race - own Fangio account that ran two series and he was third in his. Then he retired from the circuit to do some repairs in his car in a nearby workshop. When I returned I had already finished the final and the entry to the circuit, but the organizers made him retire from the race.

Fangio also says that when they went seven laps had to suspend the race because of a strong storm.

Fangio says: "A violent hurricane began to make itself felt, accompanied by heavy rains. The wind was so strong that it moved people from one place to another "...

They tell as an anecdote that when Fangio was recalled from the races, his brother "Toto", in the manner of a curse, said: "I hope they drop the box"...

This was the case when the storm broke out, which caused flyers, elements of control to fly, forcing the suspension of the race.

When the test was stopped, Marquez de la Maire was first.


(from chapter VI "Of borrowed, between dead and cheaters" from the book "Fangio, when a man is more than the myth" by Juan Manuel Fangio and Roberto Carozzo)

... On Saturday, while testing, there was a problem with the ignition that had occupied me most of the night. We left on Sunday for the circuit and when we arrived we found that they had already started. They were so much my desire to run that I got the same in the race... I was going back, but in front of the leaders, so some people thought I was winning. What a mess!...

Of course, and with good reason, they took me out of the classification. It was fair. That yes, the return to Balcarce was very bitter. We had worked hard and we were running.

Juan Manuel Fangio went towards something similar to a spontaneous exile from the competition. A character in contemporary history coincidentally began the journey to voluntary exile that same day. Edward Windsor, former king of the British Empire, was traveling in the expressway of Boulogne Sur Mer with final destination in Vienna. At the Castle of Rothchild, in Enzesfeld, Austria, a new life would begin. The romanticism still flapped. He had abdicated the throne for a woman: Wallis Simpson.

Fangio and society in Balcarce's shop also had a new life waiting for him so that for almost a year the mechanical workings of the customers' cars were almost exclusive. The only respite turned out to be a race on the circuit "La Chata", on the outskirts of Balcarce, on land where the aeroclub now sits.

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