Five times world champion

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Buick 8 en línea 1936 (de Rezusta)


Buick 8

Cylinders: 8 in line
Diameter x stroke: 87 x 109
Displacement: 5300 cc
Power: 141 HP at 3600 RPM
Camshaft: side - rod and rocker
Valves: two per cylinder
Carburetor: Stromberg or Carter
Frame or Chassis: made of rigid "U" shaped steel
Clutch: dry monodisco
Suspension: to coil springs
Cooling system: by water - 16 lts.
Tires: 7.00 x 15

March 21, 1937

For March 21 a race for standard cars is announced on "La Chata" circuit of Balcarce. With an extension of 12.3 km, it would run to 26 laps and is his protective friend Oscar Rezusta who facilitates to Fangio his Buick 8 cylinders, of black color.

The commitment this time was very big because the race was in his town. In the small dirt floor workshop that was next to the house of Don Loreto Fangio, he works with his friends to remove the heavy body and adopt a double seat, keeping the torpedo and after the tuning of his engine, the car He was repeatedly tested for the race. José Duffard -his partner- who did all the ironwork, would be the companion.

In the tests, they turn in 6 minutes at an average of 120 km / h, showing very fast. The local newspaper "The Liberal", points it out as one of the candidates for victory, highlighting the way to take the curves.

The starting signal of the machines is given at intervals of 30 seconds and at his turn start with the number 3 on the sides, Fangio makes a nervous movement and keeps the gear lever in his hand. Get out of the car while the other participants move away from sight. With a screwdriver, remove the lid from the box and move the gears to fix the box in third gear. Climb the Buick and continue in the race in the last place.

As the kilometers pass, Fangio outperforms several competitors, lowering his own times of the previous day, recording the best in 5'47 ".

In a sector of the circuit, wrapped in the dust in suspension does not notice a slight jump, the car slips and hits a sewer. The impact twists the chassis and they abandon.
It will be the first and only time that Fangio runs in his town, except in a few steps of road tourism tests that included Balcarce.

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