Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Ford V8 ´36 - Motor ´37


Ford V8

Cylinders: 8 in V.
Displacement: 3923 cm3.
Diameter: 77.7 mm.
Race: 78.1 mm.
Power: 80 H.P. at 3600 rpm.
Speed ​​/ max .: 170 kph.

Sports career
Necochea Development Association | National Mechanics 7th

400 Kilometers of Tres Arroyos | National Mechanics 8th

HERE. Subsidiary La Plata | National Mechanics 8th


The official debut of Juan Manuel Fangio in motorsport occurs on March 27, 1938, in a competition held in the city of Necochea. The car used in that opportunity was composed of a Ford chassis of 1936 and a V8 engine, also Ford, but a model of the year 1937.

This model had been acquired by Juan Manuel Fangio with the help of Esteban and Juan Ezcurdia, two friends of Balcarce, who lent him part of the money to buy this car that belonged to a well-known pilot from Ayacucho, José Cordonnier.

Fangio is enrolled in the Necochea race, was scheduled to two rounds and a final. Fangio demonstrates what is worth, achieves the 5th. place in the classification tests. A total of 24 participants registered, among which was the inmate of Ernesto Blanco, the ALFA Romeo 8C double compressor of Carlos Arzani, the "Insignia de Oro" by Hugo Abramor and the Mercedes Benz SSK of 7020 cm3. by Fermín Martín.

Fangio after an impeccable start in his series concludes in third place. In the final the "Chueco" performs a great task, achieving a meritorious 7th. Put, it was his debut.

Start of the Necochea test. Cars roar waiting for the initial flag. The imposing Alfa Romeo 8C 3822 cm3 was lined up in the front row. and 330 H.P. Carlos Arzani that on both sides of the passenger compartment still retains the emblem of the Ferrari team. Beside him the powerful "Insignia de Oro" of Abramor, a car of illustrious trajectory, participant of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis with Juan Gaudino at the wheel. Next to both is a small Ford, its driver officially debuts that day. Your name: Juan Manuel Fangio.

They give the signal of departure, the Alfa Romeo of Arzani is left skating on a puddle of water, Abramor does not release in time the clutch and Juan Manuel Fangio points in the first meters of the eliminatory series in which finally it occupies the third place.

The promising debut of Fangio, who always remembers with a smile, when with his modest machine exceeded in the start those real mechanical "monsters".


After participating as a companion of his driver Luis Finocchieti in the Argentine Grand Prix of ROADS OF 1938, Fangio enrolled in the "400 Kilometers of Tres Arroyos". With his Ford V8 he must face three Mercedes Benz SSKs on that track; Brosutti, Martín and Olivari are its pilots. It is also
Ochoteco aboard his Alfa Romeo of 2905 cm3., Blanco and Ruiz with Reo, Reibaldi with Hudson and Donzino with his Cadillac.

November 13 will go down in history as one of the most important days
of national sports car racing. The conditions of the dirt track were not adequate, the cars, in their wake, lifted a tremendous cloud of the earth that made the visibility null. The competition is long and in the 4th. Back disaster occurs. Soggeti's Fiat attacks Abramor, and Canziani, who came behind, can not avoid the coalition either, leaving the three cars in the middle of the track. Plácido Ruiz senses the silhouettes of the crossed cars and deviates being hit from behind by Fermín Martín. The Mercedes flies through the air saying goodbye to the pilot and his companion, Miguel Zatuszek, while the Reo de Ruiz burst into flames. The race is suspended and the winner is Domingo Ochoteco, who was first at the time of the accident. Fangio classifies 8th.

The sad balance of the day was four deaths, Fermín Martín, Plácido Ruiz, and Miguel Zatuszek, to which must be added the death of a spectator who tried to rescue the driver from the flames of the Reo.


In 1939 Fangio competes for the last time with V8. The test was organized by the Automobile Club of La Plata and would take place at the "El Bosque" circuit. Fangio occupies the 8th. Position in the final. From then on it would only run until 1947 to see the "Chueco" at the wheel of a National Mechanic ...



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