Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Ford "T" (de F. Nardi)


In the year 1936, Francisco Naranjo participated in two races in Tandil, of which he gave his car to Fangio to play one of them.

That same year, he travels to Zapala, province of Neuquén, where he runs several races winning some of them.

FORD "T" 1927
The Ford "T" that is exhibited is a car that a Tandil driver, Francisco Naranjo lent him to run a race in that city on Sunday, April 7, 1946.

The circuit was of the earth of something less than 2,000 meters and that day something very similar happened to what two months before in Morón. Perhaps because of the importance that the figure of Fangio already had, at the National level, he was once again given the opportunity to break the vice with a borrowed car.

First participated in an original competition called "Speed: a spin without momentum." It consisted of a return to the circuit with stopped departure and one car each time. Fangio was the winner with an average time of something over 93.7 km / h, surpassing by 2 "Martin Larquin.

Then the main test would be run, taking the Fangio tip, finishing second at an average of 104 km / h, and if we take into account that it was run on a dirt floor and half a century ago, the brand is spectacular for a Ford " T ".
It was the only time that Fangio used this car.


On April 7, the Tandil Auto Club restarts its activities with a racing program for motorcycles, standard cars and Ford "T".

Juan Manuel Fangio enrolls in the main test with a Ford "T" that facilitates Francisco Naranjo, an acquaintance of his.

In the central competition, whose Classification Tests have been completed that morning, the Ford "T" is placed in the first line with 6 machines at par. Fangio bears the No. 1 and when the start signal is pointed. He starts to escape and at the close of the first round he passes with 300 meters of advantage over Pedro Fernandez "El Caimán", who in the sixth round surpasses him occupying the first position at the end of the 20 laps stipulated, with a 3 "advantage. 2 / 5 in favor of the pilot of Ayacucho, his average is 103.7 km / h.

Fangio has given a good show with the winner and anxiously awaited the opportune moment to return to compete.

During the programming and with the obvious aim of entertaining the amateur public who in large numbers has attended the circuit of Tandil, the organizers make a race to a lap "without momentum", so-called for being detained departure.

Long one car at a time and Fangio travels the circuit with his Ford "T" in 1'15 "3/5 at 93.7 Km / h, his closest rival Martin Larquin, from Tandil, also with Ford" T "employs 1 '17 "3/5 to 91.3 Km / h.

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