Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Ford "T" (de F. Nardi)


This car belonged to a pilot of moron, Florindo Nardi, who at some time was running in our city on a circuit of land that had been traced in the farms that were then called "old slaughterhouses", where the Federal Tire is currently and the General Balcarce Stadium.

The automotive activity in Argentina is restarted in 1946 and the first manifestations are some small-displacement cars that begin to run in different cities.

Nardi offers him his car to participate, to which Fangio gladly accepted, for four years he had not worn the goggles, since, by disposition of the national government, the auto races had been suspended in 1942 to mitigate the effects of the shortage of fuels, lubricants, and tires that were produced as a result of the Second World War.

Fangio, already a popular figure in national motorsport who had won the road championships in 1940 and 1941, returns to what would be the great passion of his life in a manner very similar to his debut in 1936 in Benito Juarez, which ran with a Ford A to borrow a friend.

The magazine "El Gráfico" entitled his commentary on that race in Morón in this way: "Juan Manuel Fangio replaced the goggles" and in the part of it he says; "The spectators who came to the circuit, those in love with the burning beaver smell and the sound of pistons, those who for four years were awaiting the mechanical tests with real impatience, liked the initial series won by Domingo Porta escorted by the Argentine champion Juan Manuel Fangio, who took the opportunity to put on the goggles again and receive dirt on his face .... "

It should be noted that in that race Morón acted as one of the start judges the well-known pilot Oscar Gálvez.


It is in one of these trips to Buenos Aires for business when Fangio contacts Florindo Nardi, who offers him his machine for a Limited Development career. Without practically anyone knowing Balcarce, he signed up to intervene on February 10th at the circuit of "La Pomona" in Morón.

The sky is threatening when it is about to start the First Series, Fangio is sitting on the seat of the Ford "T", in shirt sleeves and only with goggles to cover his eyes from the dust that the cars rise. When the initial signal is given, he takes over the vanguard, but mechanical inconveniences gradually delay him, until he loses a lap.

Then he recovers in a spectacular way and is located behind D. Porta who wins in this Series. The Second Series is over, but it is suspended in the first round due to heavy rain and the slippery state that the circuit presents.

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