Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Ford T / Chevrolet - "La Negritas"


La Negrita

Engine: Chevrolet "Guerrero" 1944
Cylinders: 6 online
Displacement: 3.916 c.c.
Power: 90 HP at 3100 rpm
Vel. max .: 170 Km / hour



Retreat Circuit | Buenos Aires. Number: 62
Action: 3rd. in his Series - 3rd. in the National Mechanical Final.

Independence Park Circuit | Rosary beads. Number: 54
Action: 1st. in National Mechanics.

Independence Park Circuit | Rosary beads. Number: 54
Performance: 6th in Special Cars

Circuit of Necochea | Buenos Aires. Number: 2
Action: 3rd. in his Series - Abandoned in the Final.

San Martin Park Circuit | Mendoza Number 9
Performance: 2nd. in his Series - 3rd. in the end.


When the Fangio brothers bought this "baquet" in Mar del Plata in the San Juan Street Clone workshop, it had Ford "T" chassis and differential and a 1927 Chevrolet 4-cylinder engine. At the beginning of the 1947 National Mechanics Season, that engine was replaced by another 6-cylinder truck "Guerrero" that was lagging behind World War II. Due to its greater weight, we worked on the suspension and reinforcement of the chassis, which was fitted with riveted and welded side plates, adapting the supports to the new longer engine, forcing the pedalboard to run backward, reducing the interior and modifying the movement of the pedals. These remained in such a way that, as Fangio used to remember, "... instead of stepping on the pedals, I had to tread them down, as if touching the organ ...".

José Duffard and Rubén "Toto" Fangio, made several modifications to the cooling system due to temperature problems experienced in the Retiro Circuit. As there was no money, added to the existing front radiator, another radiator panel, and as it was still heating, added another small radiator in the tail, which gave satisfactory results.

"La Negrita" ran four competitions in the National Mechanics category with Juan Manuel Fangio at the wheel, achieving a first position (Rosario), two third (Retiro and Mendoza) and registering an abandonment (Necochea).

For the classification obtained in National Mechanics in Rosario, from the modesty of its mechanics, for the first time he faced Fangio with the "Grand Prix" cars in the International Season.

Fangio told that "... it was such an ugly car, that in the previous presentations nobody noticed him ... But when winning in Rosario, everyone photographed at his side and even asked me to expose him in several Concessionaires... "
"For him, I always repeated that cute cars are the ones that win."


"La Negrita" is a true symbol in the sport's history of Juan Manuel Fangio, because it is with her that on a track she faces the European aces, in the race won by the undisputed Aquiles Varzi.

This circumstance was printed in the memory of ACA Sports Director Francisco Borgonovo, who for the 1949 campaign in Europe, was to appoint him as Captain of the Argentine Team "Aquiles Varzi".

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