Five times world champion

Regional, National and South American

Chevrolet cupé 39 - Motor 46


Chevrolet 39 rojo

Year of manufacture: 1939
Body type: Coupe
Chassis type: rigid U-shaped steel stringers and crossbars
Wheelbase: 2840 mm
Trail: front and rear 1480 mm
Number of cylinders: 6 in line
Displacement: 3432 cc
Power: 90 to 3300 RPM
Valves: two per cylinder
Carburetor: Rochester GM
Clutch: dry monodisco
Suspension: rigid axle, elastic and double front shock absorber; Elastic and double rear shock absorber
Cooling system: by water
Fuel tank: 230 liters behind the seats - Reserve 60 liters
Weight in distance races: 1700 Kg
Maximum speed: 160 Km / h

Sports Career
29-10-47      Double Sierra La Ventana | 1st

2-11-47        Grand Prize of Road 6º

21-12-47      One Thousand Argentine Miles | Ab

02-28-48      Return of Pringles | 1st

04-11-48      Sea and Saws Circuit | 11th

04-24-48      Return of Entre Ríos | 1st

10-20-48      G.P. of South America | Ab.

01-16-49      One Thousand Argentine Miles | 2nd

05-11-49      Grand Prize of the Republic | 2nd

The year 1948 begins auspiciously for Juan Manuel Fangio. In the"Vuelta de Pringles" achieves a great triumph, a triumph that escapes him by problems in the clutch in the Sea and Sierras of that year, after maintaining an exciting duel with Oscar Gálvez. The rematch comes in the Vuelta de Entre Ríos where Fangio wins comfortably being escorted by another Chevrolet, that of his friend Eusebio Marcilla.

The old dream of the directors of A.C.A. it was realized in that year, to realize a race that unites the whole continent. It was called "Grand Prize of South America", and it would start in Buenos Aires ending in Caracas, capital of Venezuela. It would run on routes from six countries, with a total route of 9575 km. From the beginning, Fangio has mechanical problems relegate it in the early stages until the seventh ... The tragedy. When passing through a small town, Huanchaco, Fangio turns in a bend and his friend and companion Daniel Urrutia dies in the accident. The year 1948 ended for Fangio with the terrible pain of the loss of his companion.

In 1949 Fangio had already defined the objective, his career would continue in single-seaters, however, he participates in two races of T.C., the Thousand Argentine Miles and the Grand Prix of the Republic, reaching 2nd in both competitions. The latter was fired from Juan Manuel Fangio of the Road Tourism, the "Chueco" had become accustomed to the sensitivity and technique of the Maserati and Ferrari, very different from the road races that require vigor, strength and logic skill quota.

Nothing more graphics to underline the above, than the words of Juan Manuel at the end of his last race. When interviewed to express his impressions regarding the competition, Fangio began by saying: 'They grabbed me unfriendly.'

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