national Championship 1941

Victory at the Grand Prix "Getulio Vargas" - Brazil

This race was organized by the Automobile Club of Rio de Janeiro with the collaboration of other similar entities in Brazil. Fangio participated with the dark green Chevrolet 40 coupe and this time he was accompanied by Antonio Elizalde, born on November 5, 1912. He was the number 30 and in this race 38 pilots participated, of which 35 were Brazilian, one Uruguayan and two Argentines: Fangio and Oscar Gálvez who invited him to the authorities of the event.

national Championship 1941

1941 Championship

  • 1Juan Manuel Fangio1
  • 2 Juan Gálvez
  • 3 Ernesto Blanco

1941 Races

  • 12 horas de Rafaela
    12 January
    Eusebio Marcilla
    Chevrolet Master
    126,597 Km/h promedio

  • GP Internacional de Turismo Carretera
    Gran Premio Getúlio Vargas (Brasil)
    22 y 29 June
    Juan Manuel Fangio
    Chevrolet Master

  • Vuelta de Añatuya
    31 August
    Eusebio Marcilla
    Chevrolet Master
    113,632 Km/h promedio

  • 1000 Millas Argentinas
    13, 14 December
    Juan Manuel Fangio
    Chevrolet Master
    118,632 Km/h promedio

Seven stages were played with a total of 3,730 kilometers.

The first stage Rio de Janeiro-Belho Horizonte (541 km) was run on Sunday, June 22, 1941, and was won by Oscar Gálvez arriving 21 Fangio to 3 '.

The second stage Belho Horizonte-Uberaba (606 km) was also for Gálvez, escorting Fangio to 8 '05. The same positions were in the general with an advantage in favor of Oscar Gálvez from 11' 05 ".

The third stage Uberaba-Goiania (615 km) is won by Fangio with 13 '38 "over Gálvez who is second, here Fangio comes to the front in the general with 2' 33" over Gálvez. At this point of the race, the third is the Uruguayan Montero whom Fangio has an hour and a quarter of advantage. In Goiania, a rest day is produced, restarting the race in the following day.

The fourth stage Goiania-Barretos (587 km) is also won by Fangio with 23 minutes of advantage over Gálvez and now extending the advantage in the general to 25 '33 ".

The fifth stage of Barretos-Poco de Caldas (475 Km) is for Fangio that beats Gálvez by 9 '28. "In the general classification, Fangio is first, 21 Gálvez at 35' 01" and 31 the Brazilian Julio Vieira at 5 hours and Average of Fangio.

The sixth stage of Caldas-San Pablo (402 km) is won by the Brazilian Vieira, qualifying Fangio 111 and Gálvez 121. In this stage, the two Argentines first arrived at San Pablo in comfort but had taken a wrong path. There was a possibility of disqualification but then it was resolved that they will retrace the stretch that has not been traveled, about 60 kilometers, and they will take the right path. They were also penalized with 2 hours. In spite of this and as a consequence of the enormous accumulated advantage, Fangio and Gálvez followed first and second in the general classification.

The seventh stage San Pablo-Rio de Janeiro (504 km) was run on Sunday, June 29 and was won by Gálvez arriving 21 Fangio at 10 '19 ".

The General Classification was the following:

1st - Fangio 43h 12 '34 "to an average of 86 k.p.h.
2nd - O. Gálvez at 33 '16 "
3rd - July Vieira at 4h 12 '21 "

Happy Birthday

On Tuesday, June 24, 1941, running the Grand Prix "President Getulio Vargas" in Brazil, Fangio won the third stage between Uberaba and Goiania. That day he turned 30 years old and, coincidentally, in his car he painted the number 30.

That would be the only time that Fangio would get a victory on his birthday. On June 24, 1950, the date on which he turned 39, he ran the "24 Hours of Le Mans" in a partnership with José Froilán González, but they had to leave.

When he turned 45, on June 24, 1956, he ran in Monza and came third.


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