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Fangio, his 200 races

Magnificent book divided into 2 volumes that documents all the races of Juan Manuel Fangio.
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Each Fangio race has a data sheet that contains the number that identifies it, the name it received, the date it was held, the circuit used, the category in which it competed, the location obtained, and the number and type of machine he used. Then follows an account of the competition, with a brief contextualization, of the most important vicissitudes and incidents, the times recorded in Classification Tests, Lap Records, Final Classification, Dropouts, and Winner's Average, among other data of interest. Finally, a narration is included with the protagonist's testimony about his participation in the test.
Fangio's expressions are the product of a synthesis of different sources in which the Champion left his impressions: talks, interviews, radio programs, newspapers, books, audiovisuals, among others.

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