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Simca Gordini 20S (1950)

The Simca Gordini 20S is the No. 03 of the collection, car of the debut of Juan Manuel Fangio in the 24 hours of Le Mans, the historic French long-running race.


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The Simca Gordini 20S from 1950 is the No. 03 car out of a total of 20 model cars collection. Also known as 8, as T15S, T15S Coupe, T18 ... The technical data sheets and information sources available on the Simca Gordini 20S always baptize it with different names. It is the car that Juan Manuel Fangio debuted the 24HS Le Mans with his compatriot José Froilán González.

Visit the website of the Fangio Museum and learn more about the car: Simca Gordini 20S

The Fangio Museum Collection sold by the Fangio Foundation brings together the replicas of the most famous cars of the five-time world champion in Formula 1.

UNIQUE WITH BOX AND PACKAGING. With great level of detail made in die cast.

MINIATURE MATERIAL: Injected metal and plastic (die-cast)

TIRES: Free-wheels

MANUFACTURER: Sonic Bangladesh Limited (IXO)

SCALE: 1/43

DELIVERIES: 20 (twenty) models Fangio Museum Collection

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